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Nadine A. Kassity-Krich, MBA, RN


Nadine Kassity-Krich, MBA, RN
 Nadine began her career as a neonatal nurse in the NICU, holding various roles within the intensive care setting. She then became the Outreach Ambassador at Children’s Hospital in San Diego for 12 years. In this capacity, Nadine had the opportunity to observe and experience neonatal medicine throughout the country. Her interest grew in looking beneath the medical condition at the relationship between clinical medicine and spirituality.


.      Nadine has a healthcare consulting practice that helps inspire professionals to align themselves with their work by combining science with soul. This work encompasses speaking, strategic business planning, publishing and executive coaching. She has designed and taught various educational programs and workshops in neonatal and integrative medicine.

.      She is a graduate of Leland Kaiser’s Integrative Fellowship Program and continues to be active in the alumni and other programs.

.      Nadine was invited on one of the first international trips to Riga, Latvia with the International Relief Team to support Neonatal Medicine

.       A professional speaker, Nadine has lectured on the topics of healing and medicine. She lectures on traditional nursing/medicine and complementary approaches to nursing/medicine to a variety of medical and non-medical audiences. She is frequently invited to be on conference planning committees.

.      She consults for Novia Solutions and Novia Strategies for healthcare leadership and hospital operations

.      Nadine has been a reviewer on many clinical texts.  

.      Her writings and research have been published in various medical and nursing journals including; The Journal of Perinatology-Neonatology, Mother Baby Journal, Executive Insights, a journal for administrative executives, Clinics of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and the web-based journal MedCom, Inc. She co-authored a chapter in Comprehensive Neonatal Nursing (3rd and 4th editions) with Jamieson E Jones, MD.