Personal Endorsements For Jamieson Jones, MD

Larry Dossey, MD

Healing Beyond the Body
Reinventing Medicine
Recovering the Soul: A Scientific and Spiritual Search 
Meaning and Medicine Lessons From a Doctor’s Tales of Breakthrough and Healing Words

"For many years Jamie Jones has inspired me personally and professionally. America needs role models in the healing professions who embody a majestic vision and who also walk their talk. Jamie does both. I look forward to his forthcoming book. I have no doubt it will inspire healthcare professionals and laypersons alike toward a more compassionate and effective model of healing, which our society desperately needs."

David Simon, MD

Medical Director of The Chopra Center for Well-Being 

Return to Wholeness: Embracing Body, Mind, Spirit in the Face of Cancer 
The Wisdom of Healing

“Jamieson Jones gives me hope for the future of medicine. He is a great example that spirit can be a part of great medicine. He is always both entertaining as well as extremely educating.”

Don Campbell

The Mozart Effect
The Mozart Effect for Children

“Dr. Jamieson Jones is a great medical visionary, with powers that reach the heart, head soul and spirit of healthcare.” 

Julie Motz

Hands of Life

“Jamie Jones is extraordinary among physicians in his ability to see and practice the human - and truly healing - side of medicine. His concern and compassion make him a model of how doctors should be relating to patients and to their fellow health-care professionals - one that I would like to see universally adopted.”

Personal Endorsements for Nadine Kassity-Krich, MBA, RN

Leland Kaiser, Ph.D.

The Body Knows

"Nadine A. Kassity-Krich’s book is an eloquent testimony to her life and
work. I have had the privilege of working with Nadine and can testify to
her spirit, dedication and important contributions to patients, institutions, and communities. Nadine is a rare spirit, who colors outside the lines to accomplish what needs to be done. She is driven by her vision and intention to make a difference. As a result, she is an extraordinary innovator and teacher. I am excited by her status as author of this important new book."

Caroline Sutherland

Host of The Body Knows Radio Show

"Because of the contribution of Nadine Kassity-Krich, RN, the field of Integrative Medicine has gained an important voice. I am proud to recommend her new book, 'First, Heal Thyself'."

Jan Phillips

God Is at Eye Level-Photography as a Healing Art Making Piece

"Nadine is not only a compassionate and cutting-edge health care professional, she's a carrier of deep wisdom and far-reaching light. Full of integrity, Nadine thinks only of the whole and her efforts to reweave the fragments of a system in parts have been brilliant and life-altering.  Working with her on a healing program for health care workers was a joyful and insightful experience."