First, Heal Thyself  was written by a physician and a nurse—two authors who are no more strangers to the trauma that can permeate the workplace and its professionals,.  This book champions the restorative powers that can brilliantly heal it. Both authors are able to  integrate the qualities of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing injecting a human prescription into what ails our professional workplaces.
    Lay the American healthcare professional on the psychiatrist’s couch and what do you find?  Health care professionals, whatever their training, whatever their income or initials after their name, are caught up in a system where their original dream is buried under a growing pile of paperwork, regulations, restrictions, litigiousness, and negativism.  Our workplaces and the people within them need resuscitation.  First, Heal Thyself  allows a contemplative pause for the American health care professional allowing them to see the larger context of the problems facing our workplaces-loss of faith about who we are, why we are, and what we're doing here.
    This book is intended to be that resuscitation.  At heart, this book examines ways we can expand into the fuller possibilities of our profession by exploring the underdeveloped intersection between spirituality & science.  With out instilling spirituality, our current workplaces can easily overtake us leaving us disconnected, overextended, and burnt out.  The authors suggest ways to transform role-based patterns of relating that have pushed aside compassionate connections to reconnect professionals with the rewards found in relationships with their profession, coworkers, and most importantly with themselves.  Once this lost foundation of relationships is reclaimed as central and sacred, the reader is taken beyond the edges of familiar thinking to a larger context for change.  This book, presented through inspirational stories, illustrative anecdotes, and spiritual principles, offers a refreshed spiritual context designed to stimulate self-inquiry in the modern-day professional, by nurturing the deep, ongoing spiritual commitment each professional must have to their individual personal healing.  This book will teach the modern-day professional how to use the material of their day to jumpstart the deepening of their own personal healing, and the healing of their profession.  Once this awareness has been established, our professions become more than a job; they are transformed into a modern spiritual path.  
      It looks at our workplaces from the inside out and is grounded on the principle that our relationship to others and our work environment is an extension of our relationship to our own personal deepening.   The book shows how the professional can change the system by starting with their own personal healing. The reader is taken on a journey of awakening where they are given the opportunity to realign with their purpose and help those around them do the same. When professionals see their workplace environments in a different way, a wonderful new energy is activated within their souls.
          Most professionals were drawn to their careers for more than simply collecting a paycheck. For many of us, the rewards in fulfilling our life’s purpose through our jobs motivated us to embark on our career choice. Yet, this purpose we once thought attainable though our profession was quickly lost in dissatisfaction. How can we bring the quest for meaning back into our workplaces?  How can we discover a larger context in which to operate?  How can we bring spiritual inquiry to the heart of our professions?   Our professionals deserve a better balance between the spiritual and mundane aspects of our work. The key to change resides in reconfiguring the frame of reference in which we hold our professions. 
       Initially the book examines our need for self-healing. It takes the reader on a journey within, building a foundation for reconnecting the professional with the deeper part of themselves. This reconnection can be a powerful, rejuvenating agent in times of burnout. The authors then illuminate some insights that can  heal our workplace environments by reconnecting presidents, CEO’s, doctors, executives and administers to their co-workers, their clients, and their profession. The book then progresses by offering the possibility for a larger collective healing of our professions.
    A new trajectory for reinventing our workplaces begins with personal awareness. The professional must learn to recognize what is unhealed within themselves, and do the psychological and personal healing that is overlooked within their externalized focus.  From this awakened consciousness it becomes evident that the only way to heal a collective thought system, or stagnation, is through a critical mass of people within the system taking personal responsibility to change themselves.
         First, Heal Thyself  is designed to provide a personal journey for each reader—a book to use, not just read. Written in a conversational style with a nurturing tone, this 80,000 word book intermingles thought provoking workplace anecdotes and insights, as well as inspirational quotes and spiritual techniques meant to awaken potential within the reader. The book of twelve chapters, subdivided into three parts, chronicles a collective journey into healing ourselves and the diverse systems in which we work.