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   After lecturing on material presented in This Book at a recent national nursing conference, Dr. Jones received this comment:
“I am writing to thank you for your presentation at the conference in New Orleans last week.  It is not very often that I can say that the words of another affect me so strongly.  Your talk allowed me to change the way that I look at my life, both professionally and personally.  Once again, thank you, and I look forward to the publication of your book.  I will be first in line."
          The current conditions of our professional workplaces are no longer nurturing for the worker, the clients, or the system. Change is necessary. Through the explanation of relationships with ourselves, our co-workers, our clients, and the system at large, we can re-clarify our purpose and commitment to our careers and refresh our workplace connections to create a more enlightened workplace environment. Professionals from all corners of America are ready to take self-responsibility—ready to connect with the deeper meaning and purpose to their jobs, and ready to hear the message that This Book will deliver.